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Rizact -pills swallowed for the urgent care of the headache phase within the attacks of migraines. This Cipla product is a great painkillerthanks to an action of Rizatriptan, which is characterized by an analgesic effect.

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  • Active Ingredient: rizatriptan
Rizact, 10mg
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Rizact, 5mg
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Rizact (Rizatriptan)

Product description

Rizact is mainly used by persons who are in pain from a strong headache. It is not employed to keep from happening or cure these diseases but is taken to relieve the symptoms accompanying them: for example, sickness and light or sound sensitivity. The product blocks certain signals inside the brain and prevents the dispensation of certain chemicals. Apply the pharmaceutical strictly to your destination. The optimal measurement and repetitiveness of intaking rely upon individual testimony, adding family observing of the illness, health status at the time of prescribing, body weight, the illness in the period of medical care and its degree of hardness.

Rizact tablets must be taken as soon as you admit the development of the first features of migraine/headache. To use the remedy, put the normal measure of the product on the tongue and wait for it to mix in. It is prohibited for persons to take a measure greater than 30 mg, except for those exceptional cases when the therapist made such appointment.

At the first time of intaking the remedy, you may get an advice to use the drug under the supervision of a therapist to carefully monitor the development of the body's response to it. If within a couple of hours, no negative answer has occurred, or it is insignificant, then the next appointment may be prescribed.

Safety information

Since vertigo is among the attainable side, refrain from driving vehicles and engaging in activities requiring enlarged concentration until you understand how you respond to the remedy.

This product can increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays, so avoid using sunlight and exposure to direct sunlight. If you do not have the opportunity to avoid direct sunlight, you should minimize sun exposure, save the skin with clothing and use different creams.

If you are over 40, you have to speak with your therapist about all the benefits and disadvantages of taking the product to determine if taking the remedy is more beneficial than harming your health.

Before using the pharmaceutical product, tell your specialist if you have any allergies, whether you take another pharmaceutical, or have any other illnesses.

It is also substantial to inform your therapist if you are waiting for a baby, trying to conceive a baby or breastfeed.

Do not exceed the dosage of Rizact, otherwise, you risk causing side states.

Side effects

The ghost effects in persons taking Rizaсt which may exist are listed below. If any of these side states are of a sustained nature, intensify or disturb you, report this to your doctor. Nausea; diarrhea; vomiting; drowsiness, vertigo or fatigue; tingling sensation; numbness; trembling or trembling; dry mouth.

The next unexpected states are graver than those listed above. If you feel existence any of the following bad states or features of an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical attention. Among them can be puffiness; skin rash; urticaria; skin irritation or itching; deterioration of vision; changes in heart rate.